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Graham Corker

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All current and future projects are detailed here including upcoming exhibitions. 

New Projects - "Fight"

The 'Fight' project is a series of 4 oil on canvas portraits depicting MMA fighters Mark Wade, James Matthews, Karen Sasson and Kyle Cody Gray from the 'Gods of War' MMA gym and 'MB Muay Thai' school in Reading.


These current progress shots show the preliminary sketch and background underpainting. 



New Projects - Sculputure in progress

So this is my first ever stab at polymer clay sculpture. Always good to try something new, stretch your limitations and break new boundaries.


Trying to emulate an old Wolverine Marvel comic cover has provided its fair share of challenges. One primarily being taking a 2D cartoon image and converting it to a 3D life like sculpture.


From creating an armature to adapting to a new and unique medium like polymer clay is certainly a step outside of my comfrot zone but one i'm enjoying immensly and am eager to see the final results.

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