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Graham Corker

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Graham Corker Art


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graham corker art

“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” Paul Cezanne 


Welcome to Graham Corker Art. I hope you enjoy my works as much as i've enjoyed producing them.


I have drawn inspiration for my portraiture and figurative work from a diverse and varied spectrum of artists such as the imaginative and technically exquisite fantasy art of Boris Vallejo, the innovative and noncomformist creations of Dave McKean to the ground breaking comic illustations of Alex Ross 


I prefer to work in oil on canvas or pencil and to any size specifications requested.  


Although ideally I prefer to work from life, usually with 2-3 sittings, I understand that at times this can prove impractical so i'm happy to work from photos. 


Please have a look around and if you want to know more..........just ask!!

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